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Winter Feeding

It was a gorgeous, mild day in Pittsburgh so we headed out to New Kensington to give the honeybees a sugar snack.

I've been worried about the hives because of the extreme cold, rain and snow. But I was delighted to see them buzzing around enjoying the day. Bees are amazing in so many ways.

They don't hibernate in the winter but instead stay warm by clustering and creating heat by vibrating their wing muscles. They take turns rotating from the outside to inside of the cluster. They do this to keep the queen and brood (eggs and larvae ) warm because the survival of the hive depends on it. Even when it's freezing outside they keep the cluster as warm as 93 degrees!

I was surprised they all of our hives in this bee yard are thriving and I'll be relieved when the weather finally warms up.

( Also, I got stuck in the mud at the hives and my whole vehicle is a big blob right now. )

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Tony Landolina
Tony Landolina
22 de fev. de 2019


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